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No: 090, Septembre - Eylül - September 2017

Yılanların Öcü, Muhsin Bey, Arabesk gibi Türk sinemasının dama taşı olan filmlere imzasını atan ve son 100 yılın en iyi 10 görüntü yönetmenleri arasına giren Aytekin Çakmakçı ile Türk Sineması’nın dününü, bugününü konuştuk…



Vendredi, 15 Juillet 2016 19:33
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Muhammad Ali, the most popular human being on earth, has been proclaimed the man with the most sex-appeal in the world. On March 8th, 1971, before the fight with Joe Frazier, he pronounced the famous sentence, "I'm The Greatest." Ali has five children, he is a black hero, the most famous promoter and defender of the faith of Islam. Many crowds follow this legendary personality not really to acclaim his celebrity but to communicate the profound belief that they feel for this prophetic man. The elements of religion are the main ingredients in his existence and it is through religion that he creates the very special relationship with the crowds.

He was in NY recently for a few days to promote the movie The Greatest, the story of his extraordinary life. There is a journalist line that has been waiting for two years to interview him. A much bigger group of hundreds of fans always waits outside his hotel to follow him, to touch his hands, to ask for an autograph. When you talk to Ali, you always use words like greatest, prettiest, most famous, richest, extraordinary, strongest...

I go to the hotel suite where he is staying with an entourage of about ten people. We enter. In the first room there are a few men, all of them tall, strong. We go to the living room where a journalist is saying good-bye to John Marshall, the perfect, English accented producer. Ali comes in: he is big, handsome, tired. He rubs his face with his marvelous, sophisticated hands.

DANIELA MORERA: I think I want to call this story ‘Talking to Superman." What does it mean to be a superman? How do you feel?

MUHAMMAD ALI: I don't know. I'm not a superman.
Samedi, 04 Juin 2016 21:02
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