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No: 102,  Septembre - Eylül - September 2018

Mukherjee, Debal

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1991-Siuri / West Bengal, India.

Debal Mukherjee is a very passionate, freelance, young, Indian photographer. Face Portraits, nature and street photography are his main addiction. He believes in creative thinking, emotional response and open mindness. So, his every photograph has an interesting story behind it. During his school days, once he was awarded with some amount of  money as scholarship and he ended up buying his 1st DSLR camera, there starts his journey and pursuit of experiences. Travelling, playing guitar, capturing daily life through the lens , meeting  new people and sharing smiles with them makes his day delighted and he finds himself complete doing these. The romance between black and white in his photographs creates magic with melody adding a pinch of love. His artistic views on life put details in his work and make it more attractive. He works with NFDC (National Film Development Corporation of India) and has also achieved some rewards.