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No: 102,  Septembre - Eylül - September 2018

Szczodrowska, Katarzyna

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1996-2001 The Department of Painting and Graphic Arts, The Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. Graduated with honours in 2001. Diploma work in atelier of professor Hugon Lasecki with the extra diploma in The Mural Painting and Stained Glass Studio of professor Andrzej Dyakowski.

1990-1995 The School of Fine Arts in Gdynia Orłowo (photography).

Currently teacher of painting and drawing - The School of Fine Arts in Gdynia Orłowo.

Member of The Humane Integration Society PO-MOST, The International Print Triennial Society and The Association of Polish Artists and Designers.


2012 Patches and dasches, The Arts Factory, Tczew

2010 Horizon, Akcent gallery, Grudziadz

2009 painting, art@gdansk gallery, Gdansk

2008 painting, Dworek Artura gallery, Gdansk

2007 Equalization, CWRDW, Tczew

2006 fragment, quotation (with Tamara Gridyaeva), TDK gallery, Tczew

2006 Back and forth.., Mała Galeria gallery, Gdansk

2005 drawing, Debiut gallery, Gdynia Orłowo

2004 painting, TDK gallery, Tczew

2004 painting, drawing and stained glass - A gallery, Starogard Gdanski

2003 painting, ZPAP gallery, Gdansk

2003 painting, Mariacka gallery, Gdansk

2000 painting, Mała Galeria gallery, Gdansk



2012 New Opening, DAP, Warszawa;

2011 painting, Fabryka Sztuk CW-RDW, Tczew;

2011 ZPAP 100-anniversary exibition , GPNT, Gdansk;

2011 Teraz Sztuka/Art Now!, European Parliament, Brussel;

2011 Dialog, Lufcik Gallery, Warszawa/ Municipal Gallery, Inowrocław/ Gallery of ARS Foundation, Poznan;

2011 ZPAP 100-anniversary exibition, PGS, Sopot;

2010 White and black, art@gdansk gallery, Gdansk

2009 Thirteen, art@gdansk gallery, Gdansk

2009 Arts Factory CWRDW, Tczew

2008 The Drawing of the Young 2, MCSW Elektrownia, Radom

2007 The 1st Innternational Biennale of Picture Quadro-Art 2007, Museum of the History of Lodz, Lodz

2007 Art and the Printing Press Cremona 2007, Graphics from Poland, Civic Museum, Cremona, Italy

2006 Grand Prix of Young Polish Print Kraków 2006, Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow

2006 Polish Eagles 2006: Young Polish Print, Korea Foundation Cultural Center, Seoul, Korea

2005 The 6th Biennale of Small Painting Forms Torun 2005 - "Wozownia" Art Gallery, Torun

2004 The 3rd International Biennial of Miniature Art Czestochowa 2004, OPK, Czestochowa

2003 The 2nd International Drawing Competition Wroclaw 2003, Museum of Architecture, Wroclaw

2003 The International Art Workshops Pienkow 2003, Nowa Oficyna Gallery, Gdansk

2003 Here Comes the Youth - 18th Anniversary of the Witkacy Theatre, Zakopane

2002 The 2nd International Biennial of Miniature Art Czestochowa 2002, OPK, Czestochowa

2002 The Exhibition of Painting, Drawing, Engraving and Sculpture Gdansk '2002, Gdansk

2002 The 12th National Review of Youth Painting Promotions 2001, Art Gallery, Legnica

2002 The Spring of the Young, Refektarz Gallery, Kartuzy


A.D.A.F.A. Civic Museum of Cremona

M.M. Pieńkowski

The International Print Triennial Society