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No: 102,  Septembre - Eylül - September 2018


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The basic idea behind Santosha is to be satisfied what we have. This develops as we do; our demands become fewer, our life becomes simpler and so we are more contended. In other words, Santosha is loving what you have got and knowing that the power to do anything with everything you want to do anything with is all in your hands. Santosha is not a state that derives from a particular event or circumstance. It is an inner state of being. Santosha is the breath and spirit of Yoga. Santosha is a stretch in that we have to go beyond our usual limits or definitions of hapiness. In a very common use, to be ‘happy’ is to be satisfied. In this use of the word, ‘happy’ has to do with one’s situation. It also has to do with one’s state of mind; one is glad or cheerful. It typically has to do with both situation and stateof mind (one has the latter because of the former), but the two elements can appear in very different proportions in different cases. Santosha  is the ability to feel satisfied within one's immediate experience. Santosha shouldn't be confused with the ordinary use of happiness that we described above. We can practice santosha even if we are in painful circumstances and we can still find feel contentment. Santosha does not only mean acceptance of the present but it indicates generating the capacity for hopefulness. We should not wait for happiness to come or happen to us, and for happiness to endure, we have to continue creating it moment by moment; otherwise, it is only momentary. So, Santosha is not an easy practice. It is easy for me to be happy when everythin is going in the way that I want. It is not true to be sad or happy with the swing of events. It is easy to experience moments of joy and quite depression. But it is not easy to learn to be “happy within your heart inspide of all circumstances”. This requires strong spiritual effort and focused practice.

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