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No: 102,  Septembre - Eylül - September 2018

Pelczynski, Brooke

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1991-Pennsylvania/US. Illustrator, sculptor and appropriating artist. Her work represents her personal experiences, and her perspective in the world. Her work has been described as whimsical and colorful, as it displays how she tries to understand and interpret others. Raised in a small town in Pennsylvania, the large city of New York has changed her visual language. Having been recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, she has to face that idea that one day she may be fully paralyzed, and in response creates as often and as much as possible. Her work has been honored by the society of illustrators.

"Would you love me if..." Ouchi gallery, brooklyn ny 2014
"grand saloon show" green point gallery, brooklyn ny 2014
"Rock the Belles" Brooklyn,NY 2014,
"Society of illustrators" 2013, 2014
"Sing for Hope" Public art project 2013, ny
"Life, Sex, Death" Group show 2013, @ Apostrophy, bklyn
"The Weight of MS" Group show 2013, DC
“Man Made Monsters" SVA jr. thesis show, 2012