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No: 093, Décembre - Aralık - December 2017

Dimanche, 25 Mai 2014 19:49

untitled / isimsiz [051CAR-001]

051-2n-car-kutal_firuz-untitled-051CAR-001 / 23.05.2014
Mercredi, 21 Mai 2014 19:49

untitled / isimsiz [050CAR-002]

051-2n-car-kutal_firuz-untitled-051CAR-002 / 21.05.2014
Mercredi, 07 Mai 2014 19:49

untitled / isimsiz [050CAR-006]

050-2n-car-kutal_firuz-untitled-050CAR-006 / 07.05.2014
Samedi, 24 Janvier 2015 00:10

Uğur Mumcu


Remembering Uğur Mumcu (22 August 1942 – 24 January 1993) was a Turkish investigative journalist for the leading daily Cumhuriyet. He was assassinated by a bomb placed in his car outside his home in 24 january 1993.

Samedi, 28 Février 2015 23:34

Yaşar Kemal I

R.i.P Yasar Kemal / a great person and legendary novelist gone.

Yaşar abi'yi kaybettik, çok üzgünüm. Başsağlığı diliyorum. (,283898)
Dimanche, 21 Février 2016 18:35

untitled / isimsiz [071CAR-002]

Ankara, Ankara... bahtı kara.. Hayatını kaybedenlere bassaglıgı diliyorum...
Ankara, Ankara... darkness at night. R.I.P all who lost their lives there...
Ankara, Ankara... bahtı kara.. Hayatını kaybedenlere başsağlığı diliyorum...
Ankara, Ankara... darkness at night. R.I.P all who lost their lives there...
Mardi, 08 Mars 2016 00:09

untitled / isimsiz [072CAR-002]

Happy Women’s Day!
8 Mart kutlu olsun, Yasaklanamaz!
Samedi, 04 Juin 2016 19:28

untitled / isimsiz [075CAR-001]



The German parliament has approved a resolution declaring that the mass killing of Armenians by Ottoman Turks during World War One was a "genocide".. Turkey's Prime Minister Binali Yildirim blamed a "racist Armenian lobby" for the resolution...

Vendredi, 07 Avril 2017 18:30

untitled / isimsiz [085CAR-002]


Trump Orders Missile Attack in Retaliation for Syrian Chemical Strikes.. China, Russia, iran are angry and USA, Turkey, Israel, UK are pleased by the attack..

Mercredi, 05 Avril 2017 08:26

untitled / isimsiz [085CAR-001]


Adalet bugün .. - Justice today ..

Vendredi, 03 Juin 2016 09:08

untitled / isimsiz [075CAR-001]


Nazım Hikmet Ran died today in 1963.. A lovely poet..

Sparrows in telegraph wires
You who do not know anything about the telegraph
You are blinded my people to see
Hope you die suffering enough


28 Turkish miners in Zonguldak, abandoned themselves to death because their salaries not been paid for months. No sound from anyone... There is no communication with them anymore...

Zonguldak'ta 28 Türkiyeli madenci kendini ölüme terk etti. Kimseden tık yok... Artık iletisimin de mümkün olmadıgı söyleniyor...

Samedi, 13 Août 2016 08:38

Fidel Castro

Happy birthday to Fidel
Fidel Castro, born August 13, 1926
Lundi, 29 Août 2016 04:38

Vedat Türkali

Veteran Turkish author Vedat Türkali, father of two famous artists Turkish actor Deniz Türkali and poet Barıs Pirhasan, dies at 97. He is a big lost for Turkish literature and also for the left side of Turkish politics.